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Rocking the rank space

Primedia Outdoor offers 1180 advertising touchpoints across the commuter environment countrywide.

The commuter industry is an important sector for any brand looking to reach one of the biggest consumer segments in South Africa. Not only does the taxi industry in South Africa serve 18 million commuters (of which 15 million travel daily), it also provides employment to rank managers, queue marshals, hawkers, drivers and many others – an estimated 600 000 people work in some capacity within the industry. This makes for an economically active group well worth reaching.

Breaking down the numbers

Primedia Outdoor owns branding rights to the biggest taxi ranks in South Africa, operating in 100 large structured taxi ranks in priority, high population density areas.

Across the country, the out of home giant has branding rights in 38 major ranks; 13 Rank TV sites; 95 existing contracted BrandMark sites; 172 mass impact sites targeting commuters inside and in close proximity to taxi ranks; and 862 mass reach sites located inside and within close proximity to ranks. (These numbers include only those holdings directly positioned in or near ranks, and so exclude many of the company’s other holdings).

In addition to 1180 total touchpoints across the commuter environment countrywide, Primedia Outdoor also has around 500 longstanding individual formal contracts with taxi owners/operators.

Knowledge matters

In addition, the company is intent on growing further through rigorous research and a keen understanding of the market. This research spans everything from commuter interviews, rank and retail research and shopping behaviour, to psychographics, demographics and investigations into consumers’ attitudes towards ads. Primedia also draws on GIS technology to map out points of interest and convergence nodes – areas where relevant points of interest such as ATMs, filling stations, fast food, shops and taxi ranks or commuter nodes can be found in close proximity – all the better to target consumers at the right time and place.

“Having an extensive range of touchpoints allows us to offer our clients a wide range of options; research enables us to assist them in making the most effective use of these resources, in order to reach the right audience,” says Peter Lindstrom, Sales and Marketing  Executive for Primedia Outdoor.