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Commuter Market

Rank TV

Strategic positioning allows for targeting of the commuter audience.

Combination of single 3m x 4m Digital Screens and 65inch/75inch digital multi-screen installations at commuter commercial centres that are in the heart of the economy.

  • Powerful Digital Screens Network

    Powerful network of digital screens across major commuter nodes nationally.

  • TV and Static Ads

    Allows the airing of TV ads as well as static ads.

  • Programmatic

    Programmatically available.

  • Immense Audience Reach

    Ranks as touch point for immense audience reach during the last point of contact before purchase decision is made.

  • HD Imagery and Sound

    Provides a vibrant, dynamic platform with HD imagery and sound, perfectly suited to engage a largely captive audience with a variety of locally produced commercial and entertaining content.

Brand Marks

The convergence of POI’s around the Brand Marks are of abundance to target the Commuter Market.

40 square metres of advertising space.

  • Positioned Prominently

    Brand Marks are positioned prominently within key taxi ranks in South Africa.

  • Double as Hubs

    Towering over the taxi rank space within the hub of economic activity, Brand Marks effectively double as hubs for promotional activity.

  • 360 Brand Dominance

    4-sided container across major commuter nodes nationally allowing for multiple messaging or 360 brand dominance.

Taxi TV

Strategic positioning allows for targeting of the Sowetan commuter audience.

Size: 21.5 inches, Resolution: 1920x1080 PX, Aspect ratio: 16:9.

  • In-taxi Communications

    In-taxi media communications.

  • Daily Reach 40 000

    40 000 commuters reached daily.

  • 6min Uninterrupted Content

    Average of 6min uninterrupted content engagement per person.

Rank Branding

Strategic rank ownership locations to target the commuter market.

  • Allows Exclusive Naming Rights

    Rank Branding allows exclusive naming rights with advertising “ownership” of the major taxi ranks throughout SA offering sustained exposure to a targeted market.

  • Across Major Commuter Nodes

    Located in key traffic areas for maximum exposure taxi rank branding offers branding opportunities across major commuter nodes Nationally.