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Dynamic Market

Programmatic Digital Out of Home

  • Uses automated technology

    Uses automated technology through software for the process of buying and selling advertising space on Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Billboards as opposed to traditional methods.

  • Maximise audience preferences

    This system utilizes data insights and algorithms to serve ads to maximise audience preferences.

  • Speed and excellence

    pDOOH: Guarantees speed and excellence

  • Ensure more efficient spend

    Access to the most sophisticated method of buying DOOH that will ensure more efficient spend in the advertising arena.

  • Advertisers can buy per impression

    Using programmatic channels, advertisers can buy per impression, thereby targeting audiences not locations. Since the process is automated, programmatic media buying guarantees speed and efficiency.

Dynamic Creative

One of the underused features of digital out of home is the ability to utilise functions using content management software to display dynamic creative that is contextually relevant to the audience:

  • Triggered by weather conditions

  • Pollution

  • Time

  • Countdowns

  • Sports scores

  • Live RSS feeds

Social Wall

The artfulness of designing out of home campaigns for amplification on social media.

Fully-automated digital technical innovation showcases the immediacy and interactive capability of digital out-of-home, by linking live social feeds to be displayed onto the billboard screens.

3D Creative

It works via “forced perspective” — the idea that flat images can be manipulated to appear dimensional from certain vantage points.

While the fundamentals are centuries old, very bright and bendable high-definition screens with ultra-quick microprocessors make the illusions newly convincing.

Radio to Road

Radio to Road is a powerful multi-channel solution that enables audio and visual channel synchronicity to enhance the impact of advertising communication by delivering both an audio and visual advert.

Radio adverts broadcast on any of Primedia Broadcasting’s radio stations which trigger a tech code signal received by Primedia Outdoor’s digital network, and simultaneously delivers a visual advert synchronized with the radio spots.

The whole process is fully automated through Primedia’s highly advanced inventory system.