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Accountability scores a win for Primedia Outdoor

Primedia Outdoor walked away with the 2016 MOST Award for best OOH media owner, with voters from media agencies praising the team for their excellent client service, innovation, research and accountability.

“Primedia has invested in good research and offers the most professional service delivery consistently”, wrote one, while another noted that “Outdoor is difficult to measure, but if there is one company that is close to estimating the accuracy of the impact, it is Primedia Outdoor.”

The Primedia team has made accountability one of their core values, from the maintenance of their sites through to extensive research conducted to establish the impact of their various holdings, which include everything from billboards and smaller formats to transit media and rank TV.

They were one of two companies to underwrite the OMC (Outdoor Measurement Council), which introduced a cutting edge system for the measurement of OOH to South Africa in May 2016. They are also working together with Primedia’s Africa division – Primedia OOH Africa – to apply a similar level of market understanding to their holdings across Sub-Saharan Africa.

As such, the team were especially pleased to have the value of their research recognised by the media agencies that voted for them:

“The marketing services knowledge and research that is brought into every large proposal adds a new dimension to their work”, wrote one. “It allows us to strategically assess sites and understand if they will work for our business rather than trusting luck. Their turn-around time and thoroughness is excellent.”

The team were further praised for their integrity and innovation, with a voter describing them as “thinking ahead of other OOH media owners. Willing to go the extra mile. All sites are legal – this is never in question or doubt.”

“They work hard to push out of home and to innovate on out of home. They don’t over commit which is a good honest way of working in this industry.”

Dave Roberts, CEO of Primedia Outdoor said that he and the team were delighted by the voters’ comments. “Thank you to all the media agencies that voted for us”, he said. “We appreciate it hugely, and we’re absolutely thrilled with the win”.