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AdLites point the way to stronger brand presence

While Primedia Outdoor is a big believer in billboards, small is beautiful too: AdLites, (also known as directional or street name signage), serve multiple purposes and can produce large scale results.

Waypoints in the concrete jungle

By the end of 2016, around two-thirds of South Africans will live in cities. This means more traffic, and more people spending time travelling, commuting, and shopping. While this is a win for out-of-home formats in general, directional signage, such as AdLites, play an active role when people venture into unfamiliar areas (as even long-time residents do, when confronted with traffic jams or a constantly changing landscape).

For people in a hurry to find an ATM, something to eat, or a particular service, directional signage can be very helpful: it serves as a waypoint in the urban jungle. And from a business perspective, it immediately directs customers to an outlet, leading to more feet through the door while at the same time emphasizing a brand’s availability and convenience.(On the other hand, if customers can’t find your brand, they will resort to the nearest convenient alternative).

Lead the way in market share

AdLites play a role in constantly keeping your brand top of mind. As most industries are very competitive, with a high cross usage of products and services, a constant reminder of a brand or product will help prevent consumers from switching to the next best thing (whatever they think that is).

And there is safety in numbers: The player to build a large network will usually gain a strong dominance and a lasting lead. Market share is tightly related to the scale of a network, and it is therefore important to match or exceed the combined presence of the competition.

Directional signage presents a valuable opportunity to both strengthen brand awareness, and to generate a major brand network presence. Moreover, having multiple touchpoints with consumers in their day to day lives – through various media, and in various locations – reminds the consumer of a brand’s position in a given industry.

Dynamite comes in small packages

AdLites serve a number of important purposes: they point existing and potential customers to the desired brand, and reinforce the convenience factor – how easy it is to find a given brand almost anywhere, at almost any time. They also contribute to meeting business goals in a cost effective way, by driving customers to a given outlet, and keeping a brand top of mind.

They may be a small format, but they deliver big results.