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An update on progress from the Out of Home Measurement Council (OMC)

The OMC (registered in early 2015) has now been formalised based on international best practice and is representative of key OOH Media Owners. Its overriding purpose is to provide a currency that delivers media metrics comparable to other media to facilitate and enhance its value to the advertising industry – which in turn will contribute to building the credibility and stature of the Out of Home (OOH) industry.

In order to produce consolidated, inclusive and representative research, the OMC commenced in 2014 with a pilot measurement for a Static Roadside Currency. OOH research methodology is possibly the most complex audience measurement process in the world plus locally we have our own challenges. These intricacies necessitate innovative research solutions and the OMC has undertaken ground-breaking methodology, integrating big data and new technologies to ensure reliable and empirical outputs for the South African market. The credibility of the results is assured through intense and rigorous data scrutiny by Kuper Research, backed up with learnings from other global benchmarks and currency measurements.

Partnering with Daniel Cuende, accepted as the world industry OOH measurement expert driving the pioneering methodology, the OMC is confident that a globally benchmarked, OOH media planning solution is being achieved. The methodology is supported by demographic data based on the advanced sampling methodology used for TGi conducted by Ask Afrika. This is part of a comprehensive travel survey to provide national representation of urban audience travel behaviour. This travel survey will provide the South African urban population’s mobility and will be integrated with Cuende’s big data modelling sytem to produce accurate and valid South African OOH ratings. Quantum software designed specifically to analyse and plan with this research will be launched by Telmar to the industry from February next year to allow media owners and buyers the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the data and software, aligned with a seamless launch in the early second quarter. An annual update of the data will ensure that the currency remains relevant, accurate and up to date.

The OMC is looking forward to the launch in 2016, confident that its rigorous and intensive technical scrutiny will secure industry confidence in the new exciting currency in the times ahead.