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Excellent health and safety scores are no accident

We are proud to say that our hard work has paid off. Not only are we committed to upholding best practice health and safety training, but we have also committed ourselves to assisting subcontractors in preparing their compliance documentation. This is most certainly seen in the numbers, with our regional offices scoring a combined 99.81% on health and safety compliance, and the trained and approved subcontractors scored 98.79%.

Health and safety has been prioritised both inside our offices (where operations managers have been trained to spot health and safety hazards) and throughout the maintenance and erection of all structures and products.

How we do it

Our Operations team has, to date, trained a total of 18 subcontractors in health and safety rules and regulations. These subcontractors are consistently assessed on their health and safety compliance.

Part of the subcontractors’ health and safety compliance involves good health and hygiene practices – taking breaks, getting out of the sun, wearing hats and personal protective equipment, staying hydrated etc. Our operations managers will often make unscheduled inspections during the erection of structures or face installations, vehicle branding, and/or stripping, to ensure that businesses are treating their employees fairly, and enforcing health and safety compliance as set out in legislation.

If a subcontractor does not comply with the regulations, they receive a warning. After two warnings, the contractors must repeat their training. Prior to returning to work, they are assessed and approved by our Operations Manager and additionally approved by a third party health and safety practitioner.

In addition, operations managers score subcontractors before and after completing a job. They host frequent information sessions updating subcontractors on the latest regulations, and assist financially in getting subcontractors trained by health and safety consultancies.

Our operations managers also help subcontractors in compiling their health and safety compliance documentation for inspection by a non-partisan health and safety consultant, which takes place on an approximately quarterly basis.

Building a safer industry

We are proud to invest in excellent operations executions while placing a strong emphasis on the physical wellbeing of all in our employ. We believe that our excellent health and safety compliance scores reflect our deep commitment to these issues, both within our offices and the world at large. Investing in our subcontractors is an important part of our broader dedication to accountability, excellence, and a meaningful contribution to building a safer – and better – out of home industry.