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KasiKrew puts community at the heart of Rank TV

Primedia Outdoor has recruited a “KasiKrew” – community based videographers – for four of its Rank TV sites, according to Peter Lindstrom, Primedia Outdoor’s Sales and Marketing Executive.

Much like a reporter from a local newspaper, the videographer’s job will be to cover events within local communities – everything from weddings to soccer matches, interviews with community personalities and beyond. “Our intention is to create vibrant local content for the people of a specific community,” says Lindstrom. “Content that tells stories about familiar people and places, and that is relevant and interesting to the people using a particular rank.” (For more on these stories visit YouTube at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsFIL_sGS0_QOpnQQuyjT0Q).

[Insert video 1] (link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRs_a438mnI)

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The Screen Scene 

Rank TV is a South African outdoor commuter channel with large LED (and LCD) screens situated in over 12 sites, nationally. With a viewership of around 2 million a month and programming aimed specifically at the day-to-day public commuter, the platform hopes to cement itself as the people’s channel – and the locally based KasiKrew are a concrete step towards making this happen.

Recent Wi-Fi research has been conducted by Primedia Outdoor and Visualitics to provide figures detailing the unique reach, impacts, and frequency for each of these installations. With sites located in eight of the nine provinces, the entire network (excluding Vryheid and Bloed Street, which are set to be measured at a later stage) offers a unique reach of 1 914 600, with impacts of 8 622 999, and an average frequency of 5 per month.

Ranks are the new shopping centres

According to Lindstrom, these figures aren’t surprising. “Ranks are the new shopping centres, where thousands of people converge on their way to work, shopping and other destinations,” says Lindstrom. “They are also often a last point of contact before a purchase decision is made, making them a good location from which to reach out to the mass market. They play to an economically active audience, who are receptive to trends and marketing that focuses on their lifestyle.”

“Ideally, we’d like Rank TV to help build a sense of community that transcends geographical locations,” says Lindstrom. “Rank TV should transform a dull commute into a journey filled with the discovery of new places and stores, the sharing of stories, and the chance to ‘meet’ new people.”