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McDonald’s South Africa Delivering to the Fans

McDonald’s South Africa Delivering to the Fans

Leaving home didn’t mean missing on the FIFA World Cup 2022 action as McDonald’s South Africa, delivered live score updates in real-time across 1800m² of Primedia digital advertising assets nationally.

As the climax built to the FIFA World Cup 2022 final on 18 December, McDonald’s South Africa ensured fans across the country were kept abreast of the scores in all 64 matches, with dynamic digital out-of-home (DOOH). A first for South Africa, McDonald’s partnered with Primedia Outdoor and Primedia Malls to deliver real-time FIFA World Cup soccer scores on 121 digital screens across the country.

The dynamic, optimized campaign created added fan enthusiasm for McDonald’s and the FIFA World Cup 2022, as commuters and shoppers were thrilled to see the live scores, along with prominent McDonald’s branding, for the month-long FIFA World Cup 2022 campaign.
“Soccer is one of the most watched sports with a powerful following in South Africa, and as one of the primary sponsors of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we wanted to create a truly unique out-of-home experience, bringing the World Cup to the fans through the use of technology”, said Daniel Padiachy, Executive for Marketing, Supply Chain and Technology at McDonald’s (SA).
With over 1800m² of digital signage on busy roads, at key Commercial Commuter nodes and malls, the dynamic campaign enabled McDonald’s South Africa to adapt elements of their DOOH creative in real-time without any manual intervention.
“We were delighted to partner with Primedia Outdoor and Primedia Malls in executing this first-to-market digitally innovative campaign across one of the largest digital out-of-home networks in South Africa, extending the reach of the campaign into various out-of-home environments,” said Paul Clarke, OOH Specialist at OMD. He added, “having this campaign live across multiple screens and environments, ensured McDonald’s South Africa reached audiences at key touchpoints along their daily consumer journey.”
Jorja Wilkins, Marketing and Marketing Services Executive at Primedia Outdoor commented on the McDonald’s Live Score campaign: “Dynamic and programmatic opportunities in DOOH enable brands to create a higher level of contextualization within the out-of-home environments in real-time.  At Primedia we constantly look for new and exciting ways to leverage the advancements of technology to deliver unique and memorable outdoor media campaigns that exceed customer expectations. We were extremely pleased with the seamless roll-out of this campaign as it highlighted the infinite opportunities digital out-of-home has to offer.”