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Nedbank shows the way on small outdoor advertising

Nedbank has renewed its advertising campaign with South-Africa’s outdoor media specialist Primedia Outdoor’s AdLite holdings, to maintain and build brand awareness, serve and connect with communities, and ensure a greater level of convenience for their customers.

“As a bank for all, Nedbank’s fast growing presence in several communities has seen the brand’s awareness and resonance growing significantly across the country,” says Vanessa Singh, Head of Retail and Business Banking. “It is therefore important to ensure that all our points of presence, in particular the branches and ATMs, are easily located.”

AdLites are internally illuminated street signs, which provide directional advertising signage, and high-impact, 24-hour branding.

“In some communities, directional signage is often used as a landmark and as such, we believe the Nedbank brand helps to facilitate directional requirements or conversations within the communities. This is another way we continue to make the things that really matter in communities happen”, she says.

Katharine Liese, Business Unit Manager for The Media Shop, also points out the value of AdLites in connecting with communities: “A key insight into the strategy in smaller communities is that very often the directional signage locations are used as waypoints in the towns, and thus the Nedbank brand is imbedded into daily conversation within the community – building familiarity, recognition and consideration passively.”

Liese provides several other reasons for incorporating AdLites into a media strategy: “From a channel perspective, directional signage for Nedbank contributes on many levels – it provides for an always-on presence in key areas for us, as well as delivering convenience and enabling end consumers to find the branches and ATMS easily”, she says. “In addition, it establishes the scale of the bank in communities and reinforces a reason to believe in the brand, by providing an accessible and easily locatable service.

“The directional signage project is strategically driven to provide the maximum return on media investment for the bank through a tight collaboration between Primedia Outdoor, Nedbank and The MediaShop. We have scrutinised each location to optimally place the signage in the most effective position to generate awareness for the brand and also to direct consumers to the branches and ATMS in that area.”

“We are excited about the AdLite Campaign,” says Singh. “This is an innovative solution in directional signage that complements Nedbank’s communication channel mix.”

“AdLites may be small format, but they deliver big results”, says Peter Lindstrom, Sales Executive for Primedia Outdoor. “The Nedbank campaign puts some of the format’s key strengths to good use”.