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Primedia Outdoor captivates Botswana with a new LED

Primedia Outdoor has recently switched on a third Roadside LED in Botswana, in the centre of Mogoditshane, which is part of the greater Gaborone conurbation. This super-sized 5m x 10m LED is surrounded by various banks, car dealerships as well as fast food and retail outlets making it a key platform for brands to target commuters traveling in and around Mogoditshane.

“We are excited to introduce our latest LED in one of the high-traffic locations in the Republic of Botswana”, said Tamara van Eeckhoven, Chief Operating Officer of Primedia Outdoor Rest-of-Africa. “Considering how the Sub-Saharan African media landscape is growing at a fast pace, it was ideal for us to expand digital branding opportunities for brands to infiltrate the market. This dynamic LED is in a great position to amplify a campaign and provide an enhanced visual experience for residents and travelers”.

Situated at the main intersection along the Mogoditshane Road, this high-definition LED is designed to capture the attention of 43 394 residents (World Population Review 2019) and visitors travelling to and from the capital city Gaborone. The screen also offers excellent visibility from a +50m distance ensuring brand messaging is clear and intense.

In true essence, this LED extends branding opportunities and opens up interactive possibilities for progressive brands to leverage more effectively. With considerable levels of reach, this colossal screen creates a pathway, running dynamic and engaging campaigns that connects with the right audience at the right time.

Primedia Outdoor now offers a dynamic LED network of three roadside digital sites in Gaborone’s commercial hub, including a 3m x 6m LED on Kgale Circle at Game City Shopping Centre and a 5m x 10m LED located prominently on Botswana TV Circle. The screens are in close proximity to all major convergence nodes within the city, delivering brand messages to affluent, mobile consumers travelling to and from the key nodes as well as the surrounding residential areas.