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Primedia Outdoor October tree spree at E.P. Baumann school

Nowhere is the idiom ‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ more appropriate than at E.P. Baumann Primary School, sandwiched between Garden City Clinic and the periphery of Mayfair, just West of Johannesburg CBD.

The first thing that catches ones eye on entering the school, is the huge Sweet Gum tree that towers over this tiny enclave, the protective span of its massive canopy providing cool refuge from the blistering Highveld sun. It’s hard to imagine this 70 year-old giant as ever having been a diminutive sapling.

In partnership with Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo and Food & Trees for Africa, Primedia Outdoor has sponsored the planting of more trees around the playground and sports field of the school, that in time, will provide welcome shade and a fresh aesthetic to the environment.

In her address to the learners, Mrs Jenny Moodley, GM: Stakeholder and Public Relations Management, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo, said,” Trees are our lifeblood, providing oxygen to our planet and absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – it is our responsibility to ensure we plant more trees and nurture them to maturity. Our future depends on it.”

Chris Wild, the Executive Director at Food &Trees for Africa, explained and demonstrated the process of planting new young trees, after which the learners and even some of the teachers took turns to strip the plastic off the previously potted saplings and bed them down in their new homes.

“Primedia Outdoor has been planting trees every month for the past 5 years and it’s a pleasure to participate in activities like this with City Parks and Food & Trees for Africa, especially when one sees learners who clearly respect their teachers and show such eagerness to participate in creating a greener space for the next generation.” commented Dave Roberts, CEO, Primedia Outdoor.

This experience will hopefully instill in the children, the value of trees in our world and make them ambassadors for a sustainable environment, not only today, but when they too, grow to maturity and become ‘mighty oaks’.

Learning to grow
Learning to grow