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Primedia Outdoor proud media partner of Fourways Mall

Primedia Outdoor is proud to be the media partner of Fourways Mall who unveiled their newly renovated and expanded mall in the heart of the northern suburbs of Johannesburg last week. The surrounding suburbs of Fourways Mall provide an eclectic mix of consumers who are looking for a boundless lifestyle experience, and with over 250 new brands and stores added to the retail mix, Fourways Mall has everything and anything on offer for shopping and entertainment needs.

The Expansion project of Fourways Mall has added 8 000 parking bays and 100 000 square meters of space across all levels to accommodate the estimated 1,2million shoppers a month. The total retail space is now 178 000 square meters and includes anchor tenants such as Game, Woolworths, Checkers, Pick n Pay, and Dis-Chem.

With the expansion of Fourways Mall, Primedia Outdoor has increased its Static and Digital media offering, which provides advertisers unique opportunities for optimal exposure throughout the mall. Static formats such as escalator branding, lift door branding, hanging banners and interior billboards are strategically placed at key shopping nodes which offers brand dominance, high impact and ultimately captivates the attention of consumers along their shopping journey.

In addition, the newly launched uniquely design Digi-Nav units are positioned in 16 locations across the vast mall to aid in shopper navigation and information. The Digi-Nav units allow advertisers to target shoppers throughout the spacious passageways of the mall, remaining top-of-mind before point of purchase.

Primedia Outdoor has increased its digital offering significantly throughout the mall with unique digital platforms offering advertisers key podiums of impact and presence. These large format Digi-Impact LEDs are bold and impactful and strategically situated in optimal locations delivering high audience reach. 

All Digital assets are fully equipped with state-of-the-art dynamic capabilities ensuring brand messages are contextually relevant to the shopper. Dynamic capabilities are real-time messaging which is automatically triggered by external factors like current weather conditions and UV Indexes outside of the mall, allowing advertisers to push brand messaging that is relevant. It also allows for live sport and news feeds to ensure shoppers are kept up to date whilst enjoying their shopping experience.   

Furthermore, Primedia Outdoor offers advertisers the unique opportunity for mass personalisation. With the installation of anonymous video analytics software into the Digi-Nav units, advertisers are now able to push target specific messaging to their intended audience. Advertisers are able to specifically target shoppers based on their gender, age range, mood, shoppers wearing accessories like reading glasses or sunglasses as well as shoppers with facial features like beards or moustaches. 

“It is a great privilege to be the media partner of Fourways Mall” said Jorja Wilkins, Marketing and Marketing Services Executive of Primedia Outdoor. “With the increase of our media offering, we are committed in delivering cost-effective, targeted and impactful media solutions to our valued customers throughout the mall”, she added.

Mall advertising reaches consumers who are in a purchasing state of mind at key touchpoints along the shopping journey. Primedia Outdoor offers advertisers an array of mall media solutions in and around over 50 malls across 7 Provinces with more than 1 300 static panels and 181 digital screens.