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Primedia Outdoor raises the BEE bar

Primedia Outdoor acquired a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor Certification in 2014 – following a progressively upward trend from2011.

The highest rating achievable is a Level 1 Contributor and the qualifying score needs to be equal to or greater than 100 points on the Generic Scorecard. Level 2 requires a score equal to or greater than 95 but less than 100.

Said Snow Mokgalabone, HR Manager at Primedia Outdoor, “We are immensely proud to have achieved such a significant increase in our BEE rating. Three years ago we put a strategy in place to upgrade our score and this is the fruition of that plan.”

MIC has a substantial stake in the company, which accounts for meeting a large percentage of the BEE ownership requirements. Two other high scoring sectors were Enterprise and Supplier Development and Preferential Procurement.

Primedia Outdoor has provided all their sub contractors with the means to run their own businesses and in addition to that channel their work in the field exclusively through them in order to create a sustainable concern.

All the company’s major suppliers have been vetted to ensure they subscribe to the Preferential Procurement criteria and smaller suppliers who conform to BEE guidelines are also supported albeit on an ad hoc basis.

For the past two years Primedia Outdoor has engaged with the SETAS and taken on interns who have successfully completed their tenure in various departments of the company. These skills development programmes have contributed effectively to our Employment Equity pillar.

Internally, the company has also employed a targeted strategy to promote staff and narrow the Employment Equity gap. They have increased the number of employed black people, specifically black women and other designated group such as people with disabilities and the youth.

Furthermore, socio-economic endeavours such as tree planting and the creation of food gardens at selected schools around the country, have contributed significantly toward environmental aspects of global warming and national school feeding through effective nutrition.

Dave Roberts, CEO of Primedia Outdoor summed up the company’s BEE ethos, “ Any business, regardless of its size, would be wise to work steadily toward BBBEE compliance if they hope to remain competitive. We, as a company, will strive to improve our scores across all the BEE sectors and at the very least, maintain our current levels of compliance. ”